Zach Munoz, a Chicago native, learned to play electric bass in his middle school jazz band.  He began playing double bass while attending Downers Grove South High School, immersing himself in a diverse range of musical experiences such as orchestra, wind ensemble, jazz combos, and various theater productions.  His musical education culminated at Butler University where he graduated with a minor in jazz studies.

Zach is fortuniate to have trained with phonomenal musicians, such as, James DiGirolamo, Jeff Greene, Frank Smith, and Matt Pivec.  Their guidance and mentorship have provided him with a wealth of opportunities.  Zach has performed as a freelance musician in the Chicago area, was a former member of the JoySwing! Jazz Orchestra in Indianapolis, and has toured in cities across the world such as San Francisco, Orlando, Prague, and Stuttgart.  Zach's musical journey continues in Atlanta where he is excited to grow in music with Zephyr Instrumental.