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Formed in 2008, Atlanta-based Zephyr Instrumental is one member of the family of performing/recording groups, and production companies located on Zephyr Planet.  Zephyr Instrumental is a 17 member "21st Century Inspirational Orchestra". 

  Together with the compositions of R. Chandler Bragg, the ingenuity of Producer/Music Director Kerry Fetter, and the talents of its many members, Zephyr Instrumental offers a unique perspective to the modern classical style of inspirational music.  With acoustic and electronic instrumentation, along with the use of multimedia visuals and effects, Zephyr Instrumental stands as a leader amongst a new wave of music.  Zephyr Instrumental believes that there is beauty in every form of art and it is the duty of every artist to recognize this beauty and display it for the world to see and hear.


Zephyr Instrumental has an immediate need for percussionists. 

Please contact Kerry Fetter at:


Zephyr Instrumental is heard around the world. Each dot represents a different city where our music has been heard.  

Thank you!

Contact Us At:  678-882-0803 / 866-227-2024

"ZEPHYR INSTRUMENTAL'S CHRISTMAS" has many favorites for your holiday listening.  Click on the image to listen to samples or purchase.

"REFLECTION" is the first recording of Zephyr Instrumental's Meditation Series. Melodies best listened to in a relaxing place or in nature.  Click on the image to listen to samples or purchase.

"ENVIRONMENTS" features Zephyr Instrumental's compositions of nature with rich melodies and great artistic performances.  Click on the image to listen to samples or purchase.